12 April 2012

So what does that mean for you? – Well we hope its going to be good news for anyone living in and around Maldon Essex who likes to be involved with looking out for one another and wants to feel part of spreading a little cheers and good news about stuff going on in your community.

We are constantly reading in our news papers and seeing on our TVs News of all the bad things that are going on in the world. But people have had enough and there is much to shout about that is ‘good’! People are getting increasingly tired of doom and gloom and want to feel a little more uplifted about the world in which we live in. Remember we may not be able to change the world single handedly? However if as many people as possible could feel a little more empowered to we look out for one another locally then maybe in time together we can change the world into a brighter place…. ‘A Big Hope !”

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