21 April 2012

'Hand-in-hand' helping others

I’m the first to sign up to the phrase ‘Charity begins at home’ but I also believe that doesn’t mean we have to close our eyes to things we can do for people far worse off than ourselves in other parts of the world. Often we can make a huge difference to lives of people we will never meet just by attending a concert put on my members of our own community knowing that money we would gladly hand over for an evenings entertainment anyway will all go to a good cause! Community groups and church congregations bring likeminded people together and work to raise funds or awareness of an issue deer to their harts and in my opinion there seems to be a good balance of attention given to helping people in Maldon, national charities or an international relief operation by one of the major charities.

Christian Aid

Here in Maldon there is a huge support for the work of ‘Christian Aid’ who with its partners are working to bring an end to poverty around the world – tackling its root causes as well as its effects. This is co-ordinated through ‘Churches Together in Maldon’ (CTiM) of which the URC is just one partner.
Poster-CA2 Many initiatives such as concerts, open gardens etc etc are organised throughout the year to raise money to support the work of Christian Aid.
Please visit.. Hope4all-christian Aid

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