05 September 2012

Summer Scheme over for another year

Big thank you to everyone who has supported the summer scheme this year!
Final trip – Tuesday 4th Sept – Hever Castle – Kent – Castle and Gardens – This was the last of this year’s outings. The weather was superb and Pioneers and helpers who attended said how lovely the castle was and how helpful the staff there had been.
Tuesday 28th August – Pleasurewood Hills Theme Park – Suffolk – All Pioneers who attended seemed to enjoy the day. It was a long way but well worth the effort!
Tuesday 21st August – Colchester Zoo – Always a favorite outing. Lovely hot sunny weather!
Monday 13h August – Mountfitchet Castle was a lovely day out. Was a little difficult for pushing the wheel chair but all Pioneers had a lovely time anyway.
Thursday 9th August – Annual BBQ at Peter & Val’s is aways a fun day! Weather was lovely, good food and company!
Tuesday 31st July – The Aircraft Museum Hendon was much enjoyed, lots to see.
Monday 23rd July – Trips to Clacton was lovely weather! A great start to the summer hols!

The following is a blog/account of the trips out. By Katie Stead.

Trip 1 – Clacton-on Sea. – 23rd July 2012
It was the morning of the summer scheme. We were all ready and geared up to get on the minibus. Some of us were walking and some of us were picked up, we were being picked up and were waiting outside the flat, Tony was driving the bus and was excited to start the summer scheme!
We all met up at the URC Church. We were all excited, as it was the first outing since going on Holiday. Everyone was chatting and laughing and saying “Are we there yet?” and “How long is it?”
We finally got there and everyone was happy been near the sea. It was a lovely hot day. We went round in small groups. We started off going on the pier and some of us wanted to go on the rides which were in the amusements place. Some of us wanted to go to the toilets so we had to wait for them. When people had finished some of us wanted something to eat. Some of us brought a packed lunch, but I had bought a cheeseburger and chips and a bottle of coke. The rest had something as well. We had it outside the restaurant where we bought them. Everybody said they were very nice. We all stayed there and talked for a long time but some of us wanted to start looking round again and going on rides. Some of us won some prizes, we had a go on the stall called the Donkey Derby, it was fun because my friend Tracey kept on winning all the time. She won a big toy shark, which she gave to Paul because he wasn’t feeling well all day. Tony said we all had to be back at the minibus at 3 o’clock. He had parked the minibus in the parking stay so he had to go and get the buses with the other drivers and we had to wait for them to get back to where we were standing. It was time to go home and everybody was sad because they all had a lovely time. It was still very hot and we were all hot and bothered and when the buses arrived we all started to get on them.
Some of us were chatting but some fell asleep until we got back to Maldon dropping people off on the way.

Trip 2 – London Royal Air Force Museum. – 31st July 2012

We met in the car park at the Promenade Park where Tony picked me, Paul and Leo up at 9.30am then we went to pick some others up. Then it was off to London, chatting and laughing while so fell asleep. We went a long way on the motorway. We kept slowing down in London because there was lots of traffic. We eventually go there and Tony parked up and we got off the minibuses. We went in the museum entrance. Some Pioneers went on their own and some went round with Tony and the other helpers. We all had our lunch and there ware seats to sit down. When we had finished our lunch we started to go and look round the museum. It was very interesting because we saw a lot of airplanes from the world wars. We saw some planes that were made out of wood, there was lots to see! We saw some planes with bombs on. We saw some helicopter some were recue helicopters. We went into a factory part where they used to make them. This was interesting because Tony told us how they were put together and then sheet was put over the airplanes. When we had finished looking at them we wanted a drink and something to eat so we went to the café. When we had finished we went round the shop and some Pioneers bought things other just looked round. We made our way back to the minibuses. We all got on and we started back home. It very busy because we got caught up in a traffic jam. We made our way out of London then onto the motorway again. When we got back to Maldon we dropped Pioneers off at their homes. We all had a lovely day and it was very interesting looking at everything!

Trip 3 – BBQ & Games at Peter and Val’s house. – 9th August 2012

It was the day of the barbecue. We started getting ready, Paul came down in a taxi to meet me, Leo was also coming so we all went down the road together to get picked up. Everybody was on the bus so we were the last ones. A helper called Trudy was with Stan so she put us on the minibus and then we were on our way! It didn’t take long to get there. Lots of other Pioneers and helpers were already there so that was nice! All started to sit down and chat to each other and have a drink of Coca-Cola and some other drinks as well while the barbecue was cooking we had some different sort of crisps so we were alright! The food was ready, we were hungry and the barbecue looked very nice and smelt nice as well! There were beef-burgers in a roll and sausages in a bap with onions. There were some pieces of chicken, which looked lovely. We queued up for them so we all had equal. We sat down and had our lunch and drinks and chatted everybody. Some of the Pioneers played some games as well. Some of the Pioneers got ready for the sponsored swim but I didn’t do mine until a bit later because I wanted to let my food digest first, I thought that would be better. While I was waiting I chatted to others and played a game called jenga which was very interesting to do.
It was time to do my sponsored swim so I changed into my swimming costume and started to go to the pool. It was very cold, everybody was saying, so I dangled my feet in first, but then I jumped inform the steps. Everybody was at the side of the pool counting the lengths, so I started just swimming!
(See Gallery for photos of the summer scheme)

Full list of all the outings:-
1 – Sea-side trip to Clacton – Essex (Mon 23h July)
2 – Royal Air Force Museum – London (Tues 31st July)
3 – BBQ and Games at Peter & Val’s (Thurs 9th Aug)
4 – Mountfitchet Castle – Essex (Mon 13th Aug)
5 – Colchester Zoo – Essex (Tues 21st Aug)
6 – Pleasure wood Hills – Suffolk Theme Park (Tues 28th Aug)
7 – Hever Castle – Kent – Castle and Gardens (Tues 4th Sept)

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