19 January 2013

The I’m Only Joking Anti Bullying drams workshop campaign is something that has been developed by Katharine Washbrook – Castle Point Association of Voluntary Services as part of Be-safer. Remember…’ even though you may say “I’m only Joking” ‘Its only funny if everyone is laughing’?

We are also helping to move this initiative along by encouraging the Plume School to be a pilot school for the enthusiastic actors, who have learning difficulties themselves, to perform their drama to the school students. We are also working in partnership with PIPEMEDIA to help develop the project website. We will be active in trying to get the message across to people across the Maldon district. We have been able to involve students at the Plume school in Maldon get involved with coming up with idea for the logo design and from that process we have assisted in the formalisation of the final logo for the campaign.

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