02 May 2013

Making a difference

It’s so true, I don’t think people realise the impact one can make on peoples’ lives, when to you it may not have seemed much, but for the Maldon Pioneers on Wednesday 17th April the Plume Year 13 ‘sports leaders’ students made a huge difference.! table tennis
walking They organised a sporting event for the Maldon Pioneers. The activities included rock climbing, table tennis, cricket, badminton and the opportunity to use equipment in the Fitness Suite. The Pioneers enjoyed taking part in the activities offered, in particular, rock climbing and the Fitness Suite proved a great success. The evening was enjoyed by everyone involved, and the Pioneers took great pride when accepting their participation certificates. Many of the Pioneers have been asking me “when can we do it again?” Many Pioneers told me this was the first time in their lives they have had this type of experience and I witnessed first hand one Pioneers struggle to co-ordinate hand and eye to hit a table tennis ball over the net only to beam with joy as he finally mastered the skill of hitting the ball to another person taking the time to play with him at table tennis! Fantastic!

Tony Morrell – activity organiser – Maldon Pioneers

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