01 November 2013

Pioneers - Actively helping to protect Vulnerable Adults

There are many changes going on in our community what with austerity cutbacks, Changes to the the ways benefits i.e. Disability Living Allowance (DLA) are going to be paid. Then there are fears over these benefit interviews that claimants are having to attend. Helpers and carers are reporting to us that Pioneers’ may struggle with many of the changes we are all being faced with. So this is something that the Maldon Pioneers committee is mindful of and so we are looking at ways in which we may be able to help those Pioneers who are unsure and a little fearful. This follows initiatives to address important issues which affect the day to day like of the Pioneers. We got involved in addressing ‘Hate Crime’ last year. We have been working with the Plume school on Keep Active and Keep Safe and the latest initiative has been our audience with The Essex High Sheriff – Julia Abel-Smith.
Supported by myself and Trudy Elford, Leo, Kate and Michelle met with the High Sheriff, David Williams and Spencer Clarke who is the Public Protection Manager with Chelmsford City Council. The Pioneers were able to talk about what we get up to and our recent involvement in initiatives to tackle issues close to our hearts as Pioneers and help others. This is also an ideal chance to demonstrate how we as an organisation are mindful of the well-being of Pioneers and demonstrate how we help fight crime even in small ways. We are all committed to keeping Safe and it is also about feeling Safe too. The fear of crime is sometimes just as debilitating as actual crime and Pioneers can help here too. Getting involved in these type of things allows us change the emphasis from being a receiving organisation to one that also enables the Pioneers to give back. This I feel is wonderful in empowering the Pioneers and demonstrate that everyone has talents that can be used to help others and build a better society. We allow the public to see the Pioneers in action and this gives the Pioneers a chance to feel valued as fellow citizens.
by Tony Morrell

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