05 November 2013

As we live through a time of austerity and benefits cuts see a hole in provision for vital services, there are all those questions such as; why is there suffering and hardship in the world and where is the Church? My journey of Faith took me me off on a year long journey of discovery last year. Not off to far flung lands far from home, no it was a year long course called The TLS ‘Developing Community Experiences Course. It was voyage of discovery to explore where I’ve come from and what I have been experiencing. As part of the course I engaged in many sessions of study, engaged in discussion sessions with fellow students treading the same path as me and together we made some enlightening discoveries. I came across the book ‘Beyond the Good Samaritan’ by Ann Morisy. Having read it I now realise that it is ‘Community Mission’ which has taken over my life in recent years from being a commercial Graphics designer some ten years ago, it was a sudden urge to follow a new direction in life which took me into education and working with Adults with Learning Difficulties (ALDs) and feeling at home doing this. It was in an attempt to follow my conscience and lead a more spiritually fulfilling life from that moment it dawned on me to do so. I am currently www.hope4all.org.uk is now being used to facilitate and promote Community Mission in Maldon as part of my ongoing sense of Community Ministry. I believe we come close to God only by reaching out to others who need a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear. It can be just about being there. This is transformation through ‘Community Mission’. If Jesus’s Message means anything it is that there is ‘Hope for everyone’. God’s Love is limitless. by Tony Morrell.

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