28 March 2014

Happy Easter

What a wonderful time of year and sprits are lifting as we get into spring. Nature and wildlife makes its plans and so do we at Pioneers. Spring is a great time for looking forward and all the talk with the Pioneers is about the summer holiday which once again is taking us all off to Mine-head in Somerset.
We need to be thinking about what day trips we fancy for out Summer Scheme during the schools summer holidays and in the mean-time we have our regular series of evening trips to look forward to such as pub meals, bowing, trips to the cinema. Then there is the Thursday group which is always popular with the Maldon Pioneers during the day.
We continue to rely on our regular team of volunteers to make all this possible and a huge thank you goes out to them. It becomes very difficult to think of new thinks to do without having to consider how we can support them with volunteers. This is why it is important to be on the look out for more volunteers who are prepared to share the work load, especially if we are to build extra activities on top of what we already do? So if you don’t volunteer already, please consider coming forward. You can call me, Tony Morrell on 01621 854803 and I can talk you through the process of joining the team.

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