23 July 2014

Summer Scheme Barge Trip

Kicked off in spectacular fashion with the long awaited Thames Barge trip. Since I started organising the trips for the Summer scheme seven years ago now, Its always been a bug-bare of mine that the cost has always made it un-affordable. Well by a combination of a long running fund-raising campaign to help subsidise the trip and a really generous offer to the Pioneers by the Owner of Kitty we have been able to give a treat to the Pioneers at no cost to the Pioneers themselves. We have just enjoyed a really enjoyable day to remember, sailing on the high tide at 9.30am we headed down the estuary for a two hour sailing. The weather was glorious and helpers, crew and Pioneers chatted and had a laugh as we all got to know one another. It was also a good chance to have one or two of our friends join us who have given us support over recent times. We have one or two new Pioneer members as well as new volunteers. So the trip was an ideal chance to get to know one another a little better in the fresh air and the sunshine. A big big thank you to everyone who ‘made the day’ so enjoyable.

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