04 October 2014

Why not Drop-in....

The Maldon Pioneers Association will be running a weekly drop-in in the D’arcy Room, All Saints Church for the Pioneers to nave a place to socialise and feel safe. The Drop-in will be operating every Monday during term time 10am till 21noon. Coffee and tea will be available, it will be a warm and dry place to sit and chat to one another and worries of any kind can be shared by having a listening ear available in the form of one of our helper volunteers. If they don’t have an answer themselves they can direct the Pioneer to the right professional support.
This newest initiative comes on the back of others helping to improve the lives of the Maldon Pioneers. ‘Keep Safe’ is the scheme to provide an emergency safe havens to adults with learning difficulties at designated shops, cafes, pubs in Maldon. These venues display a yellow ‘Keep Safe’ sticker in their window and Pioneers know they will be taken seriously if they need to take refuge there. Trained staff will help the person in distress perhaps make a phone call to a carer or loved one and the person can wait there until they are collected or helped to get home safely.
The Keep Safe scheme is run through Maldon District Council’s Maldon District Community Safety Partnership, which brings together other agencies who are committed to working together to counter crime or the perception of crime. The Pioneers Thursday Group recently enjoyed working along side a group of Year 10 Media students from the Plume School. They produced, filmed and edited their own awareness video, which highlighted the issues faced by many Pioneers. Operating under the banner of ‘Creative Projects unit’ the students did an amazing job demonstrating they could deliver a professional film for a real client. When it is shown to the public I really feel it will go a long way to educating the public about Learning Difficulties. These kinds of initiatives also help young people to engage and get to know the Pioneers and develop empathy, counter any misconceptions and help prevent stereo-typing all round. Quite often young people often get a lot of bad press in the wider media, so its good to shout about the many positive things our young people apply them selves to. I really see Maldon as a beacon of hope in a world, which, at times, can seem void of hope. We all need to celebrate the many good things going on right under our noses.

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