02 February 2015

The Essex Victims Gateway

The Maldon Pioneers are passionate about passing on initiatives aimed at protecting vulnerable adults in our community. The Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner for Essex has launched a new website, the Essex Victims Gateway. The website aims to offer an online facility whereby a victim of a crime – who may or may not have reported the offence to police – can go to get direct access to locally based and relevant support. A victim of a rape can, for example, type in their postcode to find which support groups exist on their doorstep. The site also features case studies, help and “frequently asked questions” in relation to each specific crime type.

The Essex Victims Gateway does not have any specific OPCC or Essex Police branding, although users are of course signposted to how they can report something to police.

If anyone is able to share a link to this website on a Facebook page, Twitter, or even better print off a copy of our attached poster for display in public areas where potential or existing victims may see it, that would be greatly appreciated. Any help is most welcome in publicising this really worthwhile website.

Here is a link to a website article with more information:

The direct link to the new website is here:

from Katharine Washbrook
Be Safer Essex – Partnership Support
HIRC HCA Development Co-Ordinator
Achieving Choice & Control, Managing Risk

Please download the flyer/poster opposite from the website and visit the website.

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