22 August 2015

'Summer Fun' by Helen

“On Wednesday 19th August a number of us had a BBQ at the home of the Garrett family, it was nice to see Maria too. This was part the our summer scheme. We must say thank you to Peter, Mike and Luke who were the cook’s. well done to Chris for winning the hamper, Stan for guess name of the bear and Trudy our jenger competition. Thank you Tony for organising a fabulous summer scheme. I would like to finish by just remembering our dear friend Susan, my thoughts are with her mum and family.”

Pioneers are increasingly learning new skills, taking charge for doing things for themselves, for one another and for others. This report and reflection on the summer scheme is typical, where a Pioneer will volunteer to type up a report using their mobile phone. Many Pioneers now enjoy taking their own digital photos and sending them to me for sharing on the website and on facebook for us all to enjoy. I’m sure we are just scratching the surface of new ways to empower the Pioneers. This report has been provided by Helen Keeble who is a Maldon Pioneer, thank you Helen!

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