01 October 2015

Tesco Canal Clean-up!

Recently Maldon District Council’s Community Safety Officer, Ali Burlington visited the Tesco store in Maldon to ask if they would help with a ‘clean up’ of the streets and the canal in Maldon. This would be part of a bigger project that would cover the whole Maldon District.
Tesco store were happy to take part and the ‘clean-up’ began. The group was split in two, each responsible for the car park, pathway and the canal area of the Tesco grounds. Everyone wore red tee-shirts with a logo on the back, advertising the project.
Great fun was had fishing for discarded trolleys from a canal dredger. All rubbish collected went into a cage to be collected later. As a reward for the group’s hard work Tesco treated us all to a buffet. “It was a worthwhile project as the local environment was made cleaner and it was good to work as a volunteer! It made me feel good! I’d do it again!”
By Adam Stone – Maldon Pioneer and Tesco employee

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