02 October 2015

'My busy life' by DEREK TWITCHETT  -

Being a Pioneer means being busy!
Every month I do loads of activities in the Community, as well as attending Pioneers meetings.
The week starts with a visit to Pioneers drop In on Monday morning at All Saints Church, where a group of us meet to have tea and a chat, perhaps we’ll play darts or other games.
Wednesday morning, I help out at W H Smith.
On Thursdays, Age Concern have a Dinner Club at lunch time in the Quaker Hall in Maldon. I clear tables, wash up and tidy things away. As a reward I get to go to Frinton with them at the end of term and take part in activities near to Christmas. There are over fifty members and ten helpers, with some volunteer cooks that help too. These volunteers vary from week to week, just like the menu’s they provide .Members pay for the meals and the transport which is via Viking Community Transport. It is all very enjoyable and you get to meet people.
We have quite a lot of issues that need to be discussed and I attend Mencap Trustees Meetings which are every six or eight weeks, they meet in Witham or Chelmsford on Monday and Thursday
I also attend the Maldon Branch of the Local Action Group every two months at the Maldon Town Hall and am linked to the local access group. This group arranges the Music Man Project, which is going to be held on Monday afternoons at The Harbour Crafts Venue on the Quay, but, as yet I have no start date for the course.
All these activities I do as a volunteer, which is my way of contributing to the community. It is so important that we continue to volunteer as otherwise activities will fail.
I am very busy and with the time I have left during the month, I meet my family and with friends to socialise.

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