30 January 2016

At Pioneers we are making every effort to empower the members and involve them more and more in planning activities and having a say in what we do. Pioneers are represented on the committee and now have a website and a Facebook page where everyone is welcome to have a say. For those who may struggle to write for themselves Janet Tomas has been sitting with the Pioneers on a ‘one-to-one’ and scribing what they want to communicate.

Adam Stone has just published his Fly-tipping article and I will be updating this post to include things other want to say via the website.

New Year’s Resolution – To Keep Fit!
I’ve decided to lose weight and get fit! I joined Slimming World last week and I’ve already lost 2lb! I go to the gym twice a week as well. It’s my birthday on Friday so it’s chocolate cake tonight to celebrate and it’s back on the diet tomorrow.
MIchelle (25-1-16)

Trips and Visits
Many Pioneers watch television and DVD’s, but rarely have the opportunity to visit the cinema. It takes ages for the latest films to become DVD’s and very often watching them at home is never quite the same.
So how about a visit to the cinema to see something like the latest ‘Star Wars ’ film. Anyone interested tell Tony!
Reece (25-1-16)

Reflections of Christmas
Christmas is a time of giving and receiving gifts. It is a time for meeting family and friends who live near and far. My family is scattered, but this year we all made an effort to spend Christmas Day together. It was an wonderful experience, enjoyed by all. Seeing my brothers and sister and their children made my Christmas very special.
Tracey (25-1-16)

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