26 February 2016

Fly Tipping campagn

Adam who works in Tesco in Heybridge wrote about how he felt about the Fly-tipping where he works. He took some photos of the problem. Janet one of our volunteers helped him with his writing and together we produced a poster design. Adam made an appointment to talk to his employers about the issue and suggested the he would like to run a campaign to educate the pubic about the problem and encourage people to look after the environment.
Adam informed me that the meeting had gone well and told me that Tesco would be happy for me to email them to offer our help in supporting Adam with this.

Reply from Kirsty – Customer Experience Manager
Yes the poster looks great and we would be happy to support this cause as it so often happens to us. We have notice boards in store where we can display these or large holders outside for posters.
Thank you – Kirsty Cunningham
Customer Experience Manager

A copy of the poster is available on this website for you to download.

Original words by Adam
I work in Tesco, Heybridge and near the car park is a public facility for disposing of waste. There are a range of bins available for glass bottles, newspapers and clothes and shoes. However, the area beside these bins is polluted with waste items which should be taken to the local municipal dump.
If people can be bothered to dispose of these unwanted items, then they should dispose of them in the right facility. If everyone behaved in this corrupt manner then pollution would sky rocket.
Take care of your planet, it’s the only one we have!
Take a look around your local area and see if you have any evidence of Fly Tipping. Contact your local Environmental Officer to report it. Adam

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